Pictured at the annual Med Ball (L-R): Fergal, Sarah (inset), Natasha, Zeid, Fiona, Luke, Fionnuala, Cormac, Pádraig, Siobhán, Rory

Auditor: Dr. Fionnuala Crowley

Vice Auditor: Dr. Fiona Murphy

Finance Officer: Dr. Siobhán Hulston

Public Relations Officer: Dr. Fergal Fouhy

Entertainments Officer: Dr. Cormac Mulcahy

Education Officer: DrPádraig Gardiner

Sports Officer: Dr. Luke Harris

Graduate Entry Medicine Rep: Dr. Natasha Lepore

International Students Rep: Dr. Zeid Tabbaa

2nd Year Rep: Dr. Sarah Cavallari

1st Year Rep: Rory Holohan

Padraig would go on to serve as Chairperson of UCC’s Surgeon Noonan Society and Siobhán as its Finance Officer the following year.
For his efforts with both Societies, ‘Podge’ came away with a STARS award for 2018 from the Societies Guild