From left to right suited and booted in the back we have – Joseph Dilworth, Kieran Fitzgerald, Peter Jackson, Hugh Deasy, Eoin Bohane, Glen O Brien, Carl Reardon

From left to right in the front row we have – Sorcha Ní Bhrúdair, Clodagh Riordain, Aoife Golden, Elaine Kelly, Samantha Wakerlin, Caoimhe Coghlan

Auditor: Aoife Golden

Vice Auditor: Peter Jackson

Finance Officer: Joseph Dilworth

Public Relations Officer: Hugh Deasy

Entertainments Officer: Sorcha Ní Bhrúdair

Education Officer: Caoimhe Coghlan

Charities Liaison OfficerClodagh Riordan

Sports Officer: Carl Reardon

Welfare OfficerKeiran Fitzgerald

Graduate Entry Medicine Rep: Elaine Kelly

International Students Rep: Samantha Wakerlin

2nd Year Rep: Glen O’ Brien

1st Year Rep: Eoin Bohane


Aoife is the first person in MedSoc history to serve on three consecutive committees

Hugh and Clodagh stayed involved with Societies the following year, serving as PRO and OCM to Surgeon Noonan respectively.

The committee of 2019/2020 had a fantastic year! They organised a grand total of 43 events! Winning best academic society, best event for their Teddy Bear Hospital and best promotional video for their Medball 2019, Secret’s of the Sea theme reveal. Which, under the guidance of Entertainments Officer Sorcha Ní Bhrúdair, was a fantastic evening for all.

The artistic skill of PRO Hugh Deasy did not go unnoticed and three of his photographs taken at various events during the year were shortlisted as the best society photos.

Other events nominated included What I Wish My Doctor Knew, a new event organised by Kieran Fitzgerald, Welfare Officer that had a profound impact on those who attended and listened on the new Welfare Medsoc Spotify!!

Finance Officer, Joseph Dilworth, kept everyone on the straight and narrow! Nominated for best financial management, he sure did indeed manage our finances impeccably!

It was the first time ever for the medical society to have a Charity Officer. The establishment of Clodagh’s role and the committees enthusiasm to get behind her brought with it fundraising for breast cancer, a record amount of money raised for the Movember campaign and a committee team in UCC Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic their year came to an abrupt end and their Med Day 2020 was postponed to September of the following academic year. However, COVID couldn’t stop this committee and they still worked together in raising money via an online instagram Runathon for the Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

International Rep Samantha Wakerlin enriched the society and organised a fantastic Cultural Night, a night cherished by the UCC community celebrating the diversity in the medical course.

Caoimhe Coghlan, education officer led the organisation of their biggest Teddy Bear Hospital to date with more than a 1,000 pupils and a newly established quiet session to cater for children with special needs.

Peter Jackson, established the first HPAT workshop to provide free tuition to students hoping to study medicine!

The Med Cup tournament overseen by Sports Officer Carl Reardon was as competitive and dramatic as ever with the final year girls class of 2020 and the second year boys class of 2023 winning the tournament.

The events mentioned above is a splash in the ocean of the events that were organised by the committee of 2019/2020! None of the above could have happened without a whole committee effort particularly the involvement of representatives of those in the medical course such as Elaine Kelly, Glen O Brien and Eoin Bohane!

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the society, Aoife Golden and Peter Jackson, were incredibly proud of the committee of 2019/2020. It was a privilege to have worked with such an enthusiastic and passionate group of people. Memories of our year on the society will always be cherished!

We were delighted to see second year rep Glen O Brien continue onwards as Chairperson of the 2020/2021 Medsoc committee!